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About Digicuro

What is Digicuro?

  • Simple, complete and most efficicent software to manage your space

  • Suite of apps to digitally cure and manage all operations across verticals.
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    Started in 2017, Digicuro aims to be the complete all round solution to manage all types of real estate. Digicuro manages all aspects of the management experience for real estate properties, be it coworking spaces, business centers, offices, malls, hotels, educational institutes, tech parks or housing societies.

    It streamlines the areas our clients need to attend to and gives them a common management platform that frees them to focus on what matters most - community, growth and expansion efforts.Being fully plug and play, we are now also powering a few real estate aggregators by licensing our tech backend. Its simple UI, easy to use interface, extensibility, modular structure and power to be customized as per individual requirements has been helping it be the choice for the space owners.

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