visitor dashboard

  • When a visitor signs in, their details automatically appear on the visitor dashboard.

  • Easily navigate or simply search for a specific sign-in to view visitor photos, sign-in times, signed legal documents and more.

Branded Apps
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Simple sign-in from the dashboard

  • VIP sign-in : From time to time, you may have VIP visitors that need to skip signing in on the iPad. For VIPs, you can manually create new visitor.

  • Invited visitor sign-in : Pre-registration can be a huge help to speed up sign-in. Invite attendees in advance, and when they arrive, simply sign in these visitors from the dashboard.

    Easy to access visitor data

    •   Real-time visitor dashboard.

    •   Security guard access.

    •   Analytics dashboard.

    •   With our pre-registration feature, you can send a detailed invite email and speed up sign-in.
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      We handle coworking security remotely!

      A good place to start when you are thinking of the coworking space security is to take your visitors’ point of view.