• Access in multiple buildings with same ID badge.

  • No need to generate IDs again for same companies in different buildings.

  • Quick access save time

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Enterprise Features

Traditional keys can easily get lost or fall into the wrong hands. When you invest in a card access/E-access control system, you protect yourself from these types of accidents.

Unique ID
Unique ID
Once Checkin
Once Checkin
Access Notifications
Access Notifications
Same access in multiple buildings
Same access credentials in multiple buildings
Expence Management feedback

Same access card for multiple buildings

    • Customer will get unique ID badge for same company located in different buildings.

    • Hassel free entry and exit in multiple locations

    • Id single locations multiple

    No Need to checkin again and again

    •    Checkin only once with a unique ID badge and member can access all authorized places.

    •   Save time of employee and employer both
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      Hassel Free Checkins !

      Digicuro Enterprise is the best option for your coworking business—and its advanced coworking-compatible technology enables you to easily customize and automate a variety of different daily check-in processes.