Make connections with
all the members

  • Get a dream client

  • Launch a new project or startup

  • Find a new remote job get a big paycheck

  • Start a new collaboration get funded

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We are keeping people socially and professionally connected

  • “We run a lot of programs and events to encourage our community to build their skills, behaviour and connections.

  • Our members are continuing to participate and collaborate in events and talks.

  • Networking events that shake things up.

    We includes our members in Events/talks/Trainings/webinar

    •   Weekly happy hours, or other recurring events, give members a casual way to connect with each other.

    •   One way to create a spirit of mutual support in coworking space is to directly enable members to support each other.

    •    Put up photos of members, with their name and business or interests.
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      Involve Members in Decision Making

      We want our members to connect,so we give them ways to connect. In addition to in-person events, there are tools, including Slack, Facebook groups and email groups to connect our members online.