The GDPR compliance

  • Having a GDPR compliance checklist is a great first step for your organization.

  • Your auditor arriving to assess your company's GDPR compliance.

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For organizations who are ready to commit to data privacy for visitor data

  • Simply, businesses must be GDPR-compliant when it comes to their website visitors. That's pretty much a no-brainer.

  • However, there's something else you need to remember: Your organization must also be GDPR-compliant in dealing with visitors to your office.

    Steps to ensure visitor management system is GDPR-compliant

    •   Assess how visitor data will be collected.

    •   Only collect data that is needed.

    •   Don't store visit details longer than necessary.

    •   Determine the level of visitor consent needed.

    •   Clearly define rights and obligations.
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